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3月3日南涌永續希望日 3.3 Nam Chung Sustainable Hopes Day

33日南涌永續希望日 3.3 Nam Chung Sustainable Hopes Day


We come across a place called Nam Chung in northern New Territories. It is a significant resting place for migrating birds from the north. This 120-acres private farm land is an important wet land in the surrounding area. We wish to lease this land, to conserve the ecosystem and practice sustainable farming, as to show how fish rearing, farming and ecosystem conservation can co-exist at the same time.


Nam Chung wetland is surrounded by hills on three sides and there are about 200 hectares of fish ponds. As fish are no longer reared in the fish ponds, the water level dropped and become lively wetland. The shallow water is full of lotuses in the whole summer. When lotuses wither in autumn, the migrating birds in the north flew to Nam Chung. Egrets stand still in the water and attain mental tranquility. Flocks of teals are babbling with their heads into the water.

第一個永續希望 The First Sustainable Hope


Every April, we need HKD 80000 to pay the rent for the fish ponds. If we only have HKD 80000, we can keep the livelily fish ponds, preventing them from becoming fishing sites, barbecue sites or those so-called ‘healthy” noisy barbecue farms.

第二永續個希望 The Second Sustainable Hope


If we could raise HKD150 000, we can improve the existing infrastructure and facilities. For example, we can carry out small-scale farming, and change the buildings on the premise as a simple retreat centre, a silent place where the souls are rested.

第三個永續希望 The Third Sustainable Hope


If we could raise more than $150 000, we can implement sustainable farming. Our plan is to produce food on the fish pond when it dried up during dry seasons. Crops and orchards can be grown on the high land in between fish ponds in a long term. During rainy seasons in spring and summer, the water level of the fish ponds will rise and they will be the domains of aquatics again. Through crop rotation, the harmony between human, food production and ecology can be achieved.

籌款活動 Fund-raising Activities

活動一 Activity 1

南涌永續希望有機聚餐 Nam Chung Sustainable Hopes Organic Feast

日期:200733日(正月十四) Date: 3rd March, 2007

時間:下午2時正至月上中天 Time: 2pm until late

地點:南涌石板潭魚塘 Venue: Nam Chung Shek Pan Tam Fish Pond

費用:餐券每套兩張港幣$800 Cost: $800 per set of two meal tickets

聚餐當天活動內容: Activities on the Organic Feast Day:

1. Nam Chung Ecotour: Let’s understand and appreciate the land well before deciding to conserve it.

2. Traditional Authentic Bread Baking: We start from grains.First grinding flour in a stone mill, then knead by hands, then we will bake bread in a freshly built mud brick oven ! Enjoy the genuine power and taste of wholewheat bread through grinding wheat, building stove and baking bread – all by yourself!

3. Natural Seeding: We plant seeds using natural methods. Three months later, lovely seeds will slowly grow. Healthy crops will be left for us.

4. Making natural compost: Let’s start from the basics of organic farming. We will change the gifts of nature into micro-organisms and nutrients which plants love most.

5. Different handicraft classes: Handicraft is not just about molding a tool. It is also about molding harmonious families and relationships. Come and join us!

6.Share an organic feast under a full moon: Homemade Bread, Brown Rice hulled on the spot, farm-fresh orgain veggies……………..a toxic-free night.

活動二Activity 2

義賣曲奇餅 Charity Cookie Sale


Nam Chung Sustainable Hopes Cookies will be sold at green merchants and restaurant(#1). All the sales amount will go into the Nam Chung Sustainable Hopes projects.

活動三 Activity 3

捐款箱收集捐款 (與義賣曲奇同時、地#1進行。)

Boxes collecting donation (together with cookie sale same time, same place#1)

The Role of Hong Kong Sustainable Agriculture Association


We maintain the existence and sustainable farming in Nam Chung Fish Ponds. During the process, we organise volunteers to help . We have no paid staff but only volunteers. The process of fund raising and the use of funds will all be disclosed.

是次籌款的安排 Arrangement of this fund raise


Our fund-raise goal is $150,000. If the fund raised is below $80,000, that means we cannot afford to rent the fish ponds. We will give up all hopes and return donations to the donors. Therefore, we hope all donors would attach their contacts when they make the donation. This enables further communication. The association will give all the unsuccessful returned donations to charity organizations or organizations related to agriculture and environment protection.

南涌的地理位置與前往方法 The Location of Nam Chung and Transport

Take green mini-bus 56k at Fanling KCR Station, get off at Nam Chung, and walk 20 min to the fish ponds.

香港永續農業關注協會簡介 Introduction of Hong Kong Sustainable Agriculture Association


It is established for the sustainable development of Nam Chung. We focus on Nam Chung, but we strive for sustainable agriculture in Hong Kong. We did write a three -year proposal to the Hong Kong Sustainable Development Fund, but the funding committee did not support our plan and did not approve the funding. What we can do now is to contact interested friends, gather resources and work hard for a sustainable growth on ourselves .

主辦 Organized by
香港永續農業關注協會 Hong Kong Sustainable Agriculture Association
查詢或捐款,請聯絡: For Enquiry & Donation, please contact:
tele: benny 92883017


Nam Chung Sustainable Hopes Cookies will be sold at green merchants and restaurant:
Boxes collecting donation together with cookie sale same time, same place.

1. 康姿堂有機草本香氛生活館
Herbal Bliss

電話 Tel : 2676 2885
傳真 Fax : 2676 2598
網址 Web Site :
地址 Address : 中環威靈頓街 128 號 Dot Com Hse. 11 樓 A 室。
Unit 11A , Dot Comm. Hse., 128 Wellington St. , Central.
分店 Branches :尖沙咀厚福街 3 號華博商業大廈 7 樓 702 室
Rm. 702, Workingport Comm. Bldg., 3 Hau Fook St. , Tsim Sha Tsui,

Health Gate

2545 2286 / 2545 2289
傳真 Fax : 2854 0770
電郵 E-mail :
網址 Web Site :
地址 Address : 中環德輔道中 106-108 號鴻德大廈 8 字樓。
8/F, Hung Tak Bldg., 106-108 Des Voeux Rd. , Central.

Green Concepts Co. Ltd.

銅鑼灣渣甸街 54-58 號富盛商業大廈 2 樓。
2/F, Prosperous Comm. Bldg., 54-58 Jardine’s Bazaar, Causeway Bay .

分店 Branches :中環皇后大道中 31 號陸海通大廈(皇后戲院)地庫商場 25 號舖,
電話: 3113 5848 。
Shop No. 25, Basement Floor, Luk Hoi Tong Bldg., 31 Queen’s Road Central,
Tel: 3113 5848

4. Harvester 哈佛提素
上環 新街市街 億利商業大廈A-B舖
A-B,Yardley Commercial Building,New Market Street,Sheung Wan
Neighborhood: Sheung Wan
Phone: 2542 4788
Cuisine: Vegetarian

5. Harmony Cafe
1/F, 21 Tang Lung Street, Causeway Bay
銅鑼灣 登龍街21號2樓
Neighborhood: Times Square
Phone: 3109 3152


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