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Local Organic Feast – For chefs and the one who loves to taste

We hope we can still have local agriculture
We hope to have fresh and safe food
We hope to live lively with nature
We hope to continue the legend of Food Paradise, with you

Local Organic Feast
For chefs and the one who loves to taste

Summer crispy and other out of expectation item

攜手, 我們改變生活。
Our aim is to bring local organic fresh produce onto the dining table.
Hand In Hand, We Change Our Lives.

時間:12:30 中午

Date:13 September (Sat), 2008
Time:12:30 noon
Venus:Nam Chung Shek Pan Tam, Fanling, New Territories
Charge:$180 per head

-沙律 : 本地生產爽脆有機沙律菜。清洗,伴上有機初榨橄欖油與黑醋

-前菜 : 田裏出產甚麼,就把它們醃漬起來;

-有機意大利香草包 : 農場種植的迷迭香, 古法人手製作, 漫長的發酵過程。

-鮮採魚香做醬。在清晨烘焗 ;

-有機糙米粥 : 在廚房旁邊礱穀,你不能找到更新鮮的糙米 ;

-有機荷葉飯 : 就在那三十畝寬的荷塘裏採摘;

-有機時蔬 : 新鮮就是一切 ;

-有機水果 : 可能係芒果、可能係番石榴、可能係木瓜、可能係無花果。可以肯定係:我們自己種的。


-Salads : Local organic crispy salad greens (with rocket). Wash, mixed
with organic extra virgin olive oil and organic balsamic
vinegar ;

-Appetizers : We pickle whatever on farm ;

-Organic Rosemary Focaccia : Local farm-fresh rosemary, hand-kneaded the authentic way, long fermentation. Fresh sweet basil pesto.

-Bake in the morning ;

-Organic Brown Rice Congee : The rice mills next to the kitchen,nothing can be fresher ;

-Organic Lotus Leaf Rice : Freshly picked from the 5 acres of lotus pond ;

-Organic Seasonal Vegetables : Fresh is everything ;

-Organic Fruits : Can be Mango, can be Guava, can be Papaya, can be Fig. What we are sure is : We grow it ;

*Please bring your own wine for sharing*

主辦單位Organized by
Hong Kong Sustainable agriculture association

查詢 Enquiry:Miss Bella 6082 0664

贊助商號 Sponsored By:
康源 Health Gate
綠創意Green Concepts
健康領域(有機食品)有限公司 Health Zone Organics Company Limited

Organic Home


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